Dapple EQ Equestriain Apparel

Dapple EQ is both a brick and mortar and an online equestrian fashion store based in Mt Barker South Australia. They stock a range of equestrian wear and apparel including mens and womens breechesĀ in a wide range of styles and brands. They offer some of the most popular equestrian brands in the country including Animo, Secchiari,Horse Ware Ireland and other brands of equestrian clothing apparel. What Are Riding Breeches? Breeches are a type of trouser designed specifically for horse riding. They are aimed at ensuring safety, and comfort whilst maintaining the rider’s elegant appearance when in the saddle. The many benefits that breeches offer over riding in jeans, jogging bottoms or other trousers are outlined below. Probably the most important factor in any form of equestrianism is safety. Whilst no equestrian equipment can entirely prevent an accident from occurring, baggy trousers can increase the risk of injury as they may [ » ]