The Top Four Reasons Why You May Need An Emergency Dentist

If you are experiencing a pain in your jaw, teeth, or gums, it is recommended that you obtain an appointment with a dentist. If, however, the pain is unbearable and too severe to wait, you may be in need of an emergency dentist. Some people are able to “tough it out”, but waiting several days to see a dentist can cause more severe dental issues. This article will provide the top four reasons why you may need to see an emergency dentist.

1. Knocked Out Or Broken Teeth

One of the most common reasons why a person would visit an emergency dentist in Adelaide is to manage a knocked out or broken tooth. Severely broken teeth can cause severe pain to the point where a person may be unable to function. A knocked out tooth may not seem severe, but the gum can bleed profusely and without immediate treatment can result in dental problems. Using an emergency dentist, you will be able to repair the situations quickly and avoid future dental care.


2. Unexplained Tooth Pain

In some cases, a person is unsure of why they are suffering from tooth pain – all they know is that their mouth hurts. If the tooth is severely painful, it is recommended that you seek out an emergency dentist. The internet allows us to “self-diagnose” many ailments, but only a professional physician will be able to point out what is wrong and how to treat the issue.

3. Bleeding Gums

While it is not unusual for a person’s gums to bleed slightly during brushing, this type of bleeding is not a healthy behavior. Bleeding gums is a sign gum disease or plaque build-up, and while unsightly it can be managed quite easily. If, however, the bleeding does not stop or is excessive it may be necessary to contact an emergency dentist. This type of bleeding is unnatural; furthermore, if there are signs of swelling it may be a sign of an infection.

4. Exposed Nerves

Similar to an abscessed tooth, the pain felt from an exposed nerve in the jaw can be excruciating. In many cases, the pain can be so bad that it makes daily functioning impossible. Exposed nerves come about when a tooth is broken or a filling falls out, and once the nerve is exposed it can be difficult to manage.

While people may find the abrupt halting of pain in these situations beneficial, one should be concerned if this happens. When intense pain stops suddenly, it is not a sign of happy intervention but rather worsening of a situation. In the case of an exposed nerve, a cessation of pain can be a sign that the nerve is so damaged you are no longer able to feel anything. This is a severe condition and will require specialist help.

Final Words

As can be seen, dental care is important and there are several reasons why a person would require a dentist. Using this article, you can determine if calling an emergency dentist is suited to your particular needs.

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