Dapple EQ Equestriain Apparel

Dapple EQ is both a brick and mortar and an online equestrian fashion store based in Mt Barker South Australia. They stock a range of equestrian wear and apparel including mens and womens breeches in a wide range of styles and brands.

They offer some of the most popular equestrian brands in the country including Animo, Secchiari,Horse Ware Ireland and other brands of equestrian clothing apparel.

What Are Riding Breeches?

Breeches are a type of trouser designed specifically for horse riding. They are aimed at ensuring safety, and comfort whilst maintaining the rider’s elegant appearance when in the saddle. The many benefits that breeches offer over riding in jeans, jogging bottoms or other trousers are outlined below.

Probably the most important factor in any form of equestrianism is safety. Whilst no equestrian equipment can entirely prevent an accident from occurring, baggy trousers can increase the risk of injury as they may catch and cause a fall. Breeches on the other hand are slim fitting trousers specifically created for wearing in the saddle, and hence will help to increase safety and help you to ride to the best of your abilities.

Well fitting breeches will greatly improve your freedom in the saddle by allowing you to move correctly as you ride. They are designed to offer great comfort when the rider bends at the waist due to give in waistband. Breeches are also designed to allow you to bend at the knee, an essential feature of a correct riding position.

Breeches that feature additional material on the inner knees (called ‘knee patches’) or across the seat (known as ‘full seat’) will offer the wearer increased comfort. This is because there will be no seams located between the saddle and the rider, which can cause rubbing. If these areas are covered in a suede, synthetic suede or other ‘grippy’ material then the breeches will also offer the rider greater security in the saddle.

Alternative to Jodphurs

A major benefit to breeches, over the alternative of jodhpurs, is that they finish above the ankle which removes the risk of fabric bunching in this area, therefore reducing any uncomfortable or restricting bulk around your ankle. This is because they have been designed to be worn with long riding boots. However they can also be worn with jodhpur boots and chaps or gaiters – the addition of a pair of long riding socks can improve your comfort.

Wearing breeches will improve your contact with the saddle and therefore your horse. Your seat is a very important aid (alongside your hands, legs and voice) and therefore it is essential that you are able to use it in order to be able to ride effectively.

By wearing a wonderfully cut pair of breeches you will help to ensure that you give the right impression as you enter the show ring or competition arena. Make sure you follow the rules set out by the organization that is running your competition to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success.

The importance of well fitted breeches cannot be understated. You will only feel all these great benefits if the breeches are the correct size and style for you. You may need to try several brands and styles before you find the perfect for breeches